The Best Quadcopter for Small Children

Radio controlled toys can be great fun for kids, but some quadcopters are most definitely not for children.  If you are looking for a good quad for a small child or young teen you need to take into account the dangers of such a device.

First and foremost you need to consider safety when looking for a RC quad for anyone under the age of 14.  The rotors on one of these devices spin incredibly fast and can be dangerous if you touch them.

Units like the DJI Phantom Vision II are amazing products, but they offer way too much power to be considered a safe toy for young children.  This product in particular can travel at close to 30 mile per hour.  That’s fast enough to cause serious damage to person or property.  In addition, the rotors are strong enough to cause a great deal of harm if it were to hit them anywhere on their body.

There are much smaller and safer models available out there.  In fact there are many units that are designed with smaller children in mind.  These units don’t offer the same features as some of the more expensive professional models, but they are definitely more appropriate for children.

These types of quadcopters are also more appropriate for those that have little experience with radio controlled devices.  They allow you to become familiar with the controls without having to worry about damaging the quad itself or any person or property in the near area.

Some units are even small enough to be used indoors.  This is a big advantage on windy days.  Wind can make controlling your quad extremely difficult.  This is primarily because they are so lightweight.  This means even a small amount of wind can make the unit move all over the place.

The features available on less expensive models are still pretty impressive.  You probably aren’t going to find an HD camera on a beginner type quad, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find one with a decent camera.  This can be pretty thrilling for kids as they can then watch their flights after they are done flying.  The best quadcopter for aerial video can be found for less than $200.

For more information including quadcopter reviews and product comparisons check out The Drone Depot.

Bohemian Chic Decor is a Hot New Trend

If you are looking to update the look of your house by adding some color, you will almost certainly want to check out some shops that feature boho chic home decor.  The traditional styles and organic colors add a warmth to just about any room.

A pillow or curtains is a great way to get started.   From there you can move on to more influences from the style of furniture you choose.  Bohemian room decor is also known as somewhat eclectic.  For those that like the style it can be a great way to transition into a look that is laid back and comfortable.

However, the look is not for everyone.  If you prefer a tidy look with sharper contrasts and straighter lines, it may not be the style for  you.

The boho chic house decoration look can be conveniently obtained by including a wealth of toss pillows and hanging some sheer drapes in the glass of your windows. Boho chic space decor accents might include drapes with lace trim, shibori throw cushions, tie dyed pillows, hand dyed ombre curtains, and bohemian sheets and homemade bedding.

Large pieces of furniture, from canopy beds to deluxe, velour couches, are best for a welcoming, bohemian space. If you are re-upholstering vintage furniture, try to find hand dyed materials, Suzani textiles and Otomi embroidered textiles. These all will certainly lend a stylish spot of bright color and strong tribal pattern while keeping the total appearance natural and standard. Itajime shibori pillow covers, dip colored ombre pillows and Indian-inspired silk sari prints are other must-haves. For included procedure, constantly shake a vintage Indian Kantha quilt onto your couch.

Muted colours and organic fabrics are the secret when styling your boho trendy area. Anything that looks lighthearted, free spirited, and unintended, will certainly be a terrific addition to your boho chic residence.

A fantastic source for handmade, distinctive house decoration is Etsy. Items below are handmade in small sets, and oftentimes store owners will create custom-made pillows, personalized bedding, and customized hand dyed curtains just for you! Another excellent source for Boho home design is the internet.

The latest trends in home design feature several bohemian and boho elegant influeces. The boho chic home decoration look could be quickly accomplished by including an abundance of shake cushions and hanging some sheer curtains in the home window. Boho trendy room design accents might include drapes with lace trim, shibori toss pillows, link dyed pillows, hand colored ombre curtains, and bohemian sheets and homemade bedding.

So if you are ready for a change of decor, take a look at what is available in the world of bohemian chic.  A great place to start is The Tangled Path.  They specialize in unique, handmade items that are crafted using traditional techniques such as Japanese shibori dying.

How to find the Best Plasma Cutter Reviews

Plasma Cutter Reviews and Where to Find Them

No matter how big a shop you might operate equipment for machinists can get pretty expensive.  Plasma cutters are no exception.  Ranging in price from $400 for lower end models to well into the thousands for higher end models you want to make sure you’ve done your homework before making your purchase.

While traditionally tools such as these have been purchased from large contractor supply stores, it’s now becoming more and more common to purchase tools like these online.  The prices that can be fond online are often significantly cheaper even when shipping is taken into account.

So what should you be looking for in the best plasma cutters on the market?

First you want to make sure to find a cutter that is well suited to your needs.  This starts with power.  If a cutter doesn’t have enough power, it won’t perform well for the specific tasks you might have in mind.

Portability – Do you work in a shop and everything you cut comes to you?  Or do you often work in the field where a unit that is more portable would be a big advantage.  This is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing your cutter.

Some of the best cutters in the industry are made by companies like CNC, Hobart, Hypotherm, Miller and a few others.  The list of features on most of their models are fairly comparable.  While there are definitely some performance differences between the different manufacturers, the pricing typically indicates the level of quality.  Anything above the $1000 range is going to be considered professional quality.  From there you can get into $25,000 or more depending on the features you might need.

When choosing the best plasma cutter for you it’s important to remember that you may not always need the most expensive model.  Check out some plasma cutter reviews at the following website.

How To Choose The Best Pellet Gun for Pest Control

One of the traditional uses for pellet guns and air rifles is for pest control.  They are convenient in that they don’t make a lot of noise.  And if you miss they won’t do a great deal of damage.  This makes them handy for using in spaces such as garages and barns.  So how do you go about selecting the best pellet gun for pest control?

Best Pellet Gun for Pest Control

Odds are no matter where you live you have to deal with rodents or pests of some sort.  It may be that you you have crows or blue jays that attempt to devour your garden before you have a chance to harvest the fruits and vegetables of your hard labor.  Or perhaps you have some pesky squirrels that are always making nests in your attic.  Perhaps you have mice or rats that enjoy the warmth of your garage or barn.  Whatever the problem is that you have, a pellet gun can quickly resolve these issues.

Air rifles come in a wide variety of capabilities.  Some are slightly more than toys, barely powerful enough to break the skin.  Others are powerful enough to kill animals as large as a boar or a deer.  But when it comes to pest control, the best pellet gun is one that is accurate.  Hopefully you won’t need the stopping power required in a hunting rifle for pest control.  If you do, you might want to get a real gun.

The most accurate pellet guns typically use a small caliber pellet such as a .177.  They are also the best pellet gun for the price.  They should be bullet shaped.  This enhances their accuracy because of the rifling in the barrel of the gun.  This size projectile is more than enough to take down squirrels, birds, rats and other pests.  The type of propellant used is up to you.  Some prefer CO2 since it doesn’t require pumping the gun.  Others like the cost effectiveness of pump and break barrel guns.

What Supplements do Professional Bodybuilders Use?

Bodybuilders are always looking for an edge over the competition.  Intense workouts are a huge part of what makes them successful, but a proper diet and plenty of rest are just as important as the time spent in the gym.  A good comparison would be a NASCAR race.  The time on the track is obviously important.  It’s what decides your final position.  But your preparation time and the time you spend in the pits is also critical to winning.  The same goes with bodybuilding.  The time in the gym is where you break down the muscle so that it can  build itself back bigger and stronger.

But for this to happen you have to give it the right fuel and lots of rest.  And the right fuel includes the right kind of supplement stack.  Supplements are, just like their name implies, designed to supplement your diet and increase performance. The best bodybuilders in the world use a specific mix of supplements that they feel best works for them.

And one of the best performing supplements to date is IGF-1.  And one of the best ways to get large amounts of IGF-1 is through taking deer antler spray supplements.

Insulin like growth factor or IGF-1 has been shown to have significant performance benefits for those in sports or bodybuilding.  It helps to promote muscle growth and recovery and can lead to significant strength gains in a small amount of time.  Many in the sport of bodybuilding have started adding this supplement to their list of foods each day.

How to Use IGF-1 Spray Supplements

The best IGF-1 supplement is a spray is that is ingested through the mouth.  This gets the compound quickly into your bloodstream and on it’s way to your muscles.  Once there it helps with hypertrophy, which is the growing in size of the muscle cells.  What makes IGF-1 different than other supplements is that it also encourages hyperplasia, which is the growth in the number of muscle cells.  No other supplement out there does this.  And bodybuilders that use this supplement give themselves a huge advantage.  The negative side effects of deer antler spray are few.  They typically include mild nausea, headache, or possibly low blood sugar.  The negative side effects of pure IGF-1 supplements are the same.

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